Chip Repairs
We not only offer refinishing in a wide variety of colors, we also repair damages to fiberglass, cast iron, and most types and brands of tubs and sinks.  There are different types of repairs, small cracks, spiderweb cracks or just a chip, and most can be repaired.  Prices do vary but are very inexpensive compared to replacing a fixture. 
Anti Slip Surface
When refinishing your bathtub we can put in an anti slip surface on the floor of your shower or if you have a slippery tub and just want the added safety of the anti slip, we can do just the bottom only.
Commercial or Residential
We refinish in homes and on commercial jobsites throughout Montana.  Whether you want to change the color of an existing kitchen or bath or update it for resale value.  Refinish can be done one at a time or we give multi unit discounts.
Color Match
We have a wide variety of colors that we are able to get, therefore we can repair and get a close color match on most brands of fixtures.
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